Ai Media Group Launches Full Suite of Online Advertising Services

Seasoned team of online advertising innovators brings expertise to new company

NEW YORK – Ai Media Group launches today with a team of experienced professionals ready to offer unique digital advertising solutions including “traditional” search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) as well as promotional campaigns for video, mobile, emerging digital media, widgets and social networking.

Ai Media Group is a new venture headed by its Chief Operating Officer, Sergio Alvarez, who formerly led the top-ranked national sales team for Verizon’s Ai Media Group is 100% employee owned and operated.

“In today’s ever changing digital landscape, offering placement on a few networks is already old news,” says Sergio Alvarez. “Advertisers demand more and count on us to help them understand and track new advertising methods. We work with agency needs, whether it’s video, mobile or social networking. It’s not ‘one product fits all,’ rather which products are right for that advertiser.”

Incoming Chief Information Officer, Ron Trenka, has over 20 years of experience developing web applications for companies like Olympus America, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Alitalia Airlines, Absolut Vodka and others.

“The push for emerging technologies and different methods of advertising keeps us ahead of the curve,” Trenka says. “Our job is to deliver these results in a package that is easily understood while educating our partners.”

“Ai Media Group is an ideal choice for agencies, Certified Marketing Representatives (CMRs), and local businesses based all over the nation,” says Sergio Alvarez. “Part of our success comes from working as a team, which in a sales environment can be difficult. We integrate sales and technology into one unit in which independent roles work toward the same goal. In the end, it makes for a comprehensive package for the advertiser.”

About Ai Media Group:

The exemplary skills of Ai Media Group professionals have been at the forefront of search marketing, from digital advertising to Yahoo Yellow Pages, to bridging the gap into algorithmic search. Ai Media Group professionals have a proven record of providing measurable results to thousands of advertisers. The company’s mission is to educate the marketplace on the newest offerings and act as consultants to enhance business decisions with strategic business intelligence. Ai Media Group’s entire staff is well-versed on all aspects of search and is comprised of the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced specialists. For more information, visit