POLITICO Launches Network to Share Content and Ad Revenue with Nationwide Media Outlets

ARLINGTON, Va., Sept. 9, 2008 — POLITICO (www.politico.com), one of the top news websites covering national political, congressional and lobbying news, has partnered with Adify, the premier vertical ad network management company, to launch the POLITICO Network (www.politiconetwork.com).

Under the new network, media organizations selected by POLITICO’s editors will have access to POLITICO’s top stories for use both online and in their print newspapers. The POLITICO Network also brings a new revenue model to these media partners: POLITICO will sell national advertising to be placed on partners’ websites, and revenue from those ads will be shared between POLITICO and the media outlets.

“As more and more news outlets close or scale back their Washington, D.C. bureaus, organizations will now have access to POLITICO’s unique, up-to-the minute political coverage,” said Jim VandeHei, executive editor of POLITICO. “Rather than having to pay for a wire service to get political news, these papers get the benefit of using POLITICO’s content while making money on ads they don’t have to sell.”

This is the first vertical network that enables major brand advertisers to reach political and government enthusiasts who are wealthy, well-educated and engaged consumers — a group that is one of the most valued audiences on the Web. In fact, according to the most recent Nielson ratings, POLITICO attracts more male readers ages 18 to 49, more readers with an annual household income greater than $150,000 and more readers with post-graduate degrees than do top business-focused websites like Forbes.com, WSJ.com and CNNMoney.com.

“Advertisers want to reach this demographic, but until now, they did so primarily through sports or business websites. The POLITICO Network provides an efficient way to engage these consumer influencers through the content that matters to them,” said Roy Schwartz, vice president of business development for POLITICO. “Furthermore, we can help monetize the political pages of online publishers in ways that others cannot.”

Initial members include The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (ajc.com), The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philly.com), The Denver Post (DenverPost.com), the Cleveland Plain Dealer (Cleveland.com), Breitbart.com and more than 30 other major news outlets.

POLITICO.com has one of the largest politically oriented audiences on the Internet, reaching more than 7 million unique visitors a month, with an average time spent per visit of more than 10 minutes. Now POLITICO is leveraging its expertise to deliver content and brand marketing campaigns to its partners while substantially expanding its reach of this influential audience. The POLITICO Network has more than 10 million unique visitors and is growing, with new members joining each week.

Adify powers the network with key technology and services required to execute successful advertising campaigns, including ad management, trafficking, optimizing, reporting, and payment and technical support functions. Adify’s platform is capable of delivering standard banner advertising, content sponsorships, and video, image and super-rich media advertising for its various network partners.

“In addition to building a leading online source of political news and content, POLITICO has developed a unique expertise in monetizing political content online. With the launch of the network, they will be helping other sites maximize the value of their political content,” said Russ Fradin, president of Adify. “The political pages of these sites are becoming the destination of choice for many valuable and influential politically minded individuals. The POLITICO Network is the solution for reaching them.”

About Adify

Adify Corp. (http://www.adify.com) is the premier vertical ad network management company and an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Cox TMI Inc., part of Atlanta-based Cox Enterprises, one of the nation’s leading media companies and providers of automotive services.

About Politico

POLITICO is a Washington, D.C.-based political journalism organization that distributes its content via the Internet, newspaper, television and radio. Its coverage includes Congress, Washington lobbying and the 2008 presidential election. POLITICO and POLITICO.com launched in January 2007 with the mission of covering politics with enterprise, style and impact. POLITICO is a publication of Capitol News Company LLC.