WebTrends Seminars Promote Cost-Conscious Marketing Optimization

Teradata, Brulant and Stratigent partner with WebTrends to offer free, half-day educational seminars in seven U.S. cities

PORTLAND, Ore. – WebTrends Inc., a leading provider of web analytics and online marketing solutions, will host a nationwide series of free, educational seminars designed to help marketers gain the holistic perspective of their customers and data that’s critical to success in good economic times and bad.

The WebTrends Connect 2008 seminar series will show how to solidify current customer relationships and uncover new business opportunities by squeezing more insight from web site data and extending this information throughout organizations.

“Our seminars demonstrate how open, standards-based analytics and data integration can help your company understand and engage with customers like never before, using the technology and systems that you already own,” said Alex Yoder, CEO of WebTrends. “WebTrends and our partners understand the tremendous value that can be captured by connecting offline data with online visitor behavior, and we want to show everyone how they can do it.”

Teradata, Brulant and Stratigent will help deliver the half-day seminars, which begin Nov. 3 in San Francisco and run through the end of the month. Other cities include Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, New York and Boston. To register, visit: http://www.webtrends.com/ms/seminars2008/register.aspx.

Group presentations and an expert Q&A panel will provide marketers unique perspectives on how to:

* Uncover new business opportunities by gaining a multifaceted understanding of your customers
* Increase efficiency through easier extraction of online customer intelligence and integration with other enterprise systems
* Improve marketing execution through more accurate segmentation and targeting of customers
* Justify your marketing budgets by extending the value of current investments and generating demonstrable results

About WebTrends Inc.

WebTrends provides web analytics and online marketing solutions to optimize marketing campaigns and customer engagement. WebTrends delivers the industry’s most recognized analytics, SEM, and visitor intelligence solutions to enable companies to understand their customers, drive customer engagement, and enhance marketing and brand awareness. Thousands of leading global organizations, including Microsoft, Reuters, General Mills and Ticketmaster have chosen WebTrends business solutions and client services expertise to optimize their customers’ online experiences.

For more information, visit: www.webtrends.com