Ad Ops Daily Briefs: February 11 2009

Focus on Commercials During Nielsen Sweeps
As Hollywood studios enter the nail-biting sweeps season once again, producers are asking what they can do to capture and hold the attention of TV watchers across the country. According to a recent NYU Stern study, commercial breaks can be a key ingredient to enhancing the TV watching experience for certain kinds of programming.
NYU Stern Marketing Professor Tom Meyvis, Doctoral Candidate Jeff Galak and Leif D. Nelson of the Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego, demonstrate through six studies that viewers watching a television program with commercial breaks rate the program higher than viewers who watch the same program without commercial interruptions.

GreenChek Commences Internet Marketing Campaign for Distribution Network
GreenChek Technology Inc. (OTCBB:GCHK), a leading globally focused provider of hydrogen fuel cell technology reports that they are implementing a new Internet marketing campaign designed to develop a North American distribution partner network. GreenChek has entered into exclusive discussions with CyberMesh Systems Inc, regarding the implementation of this campaign. Modeled after Barack Obama’s successful grassroots Internet presidential campaign, the initial goal is to establish 30 regional distribution partners in 2009, growing by 30 distributors annually to 90 regional distribution partners by the end of 2011. The estimated potential gross revenue from this project for 2009-2011 is $76.8M.