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NEW YORK – In celebration of its 10th Anniversary, and February’s Black History Month, Global Advertising Strategies is now offering marketers a free subscription valid throughout 2009 to – one of its many online properties.

Through these tough economic times, the U.S. multicultural community continues to grow – as does its buying power and household income. Smart marketers and public leaders seeking to target new consumers in more strategic ways have been coming to in greater numbers. In 2008, received over 20,000 unique visitors per month who are actively benefitting from the site’s offerings and resources, which include leading brands as well as the Obama and McCain presidential campaign headquarters. This portal continues grow in 2009.

Our goal in partnering with on our marketing campaigns is to draw attention to our conferences, such as the 5th Annual Voz Latina Hispanic Marketing Conference held in Miami in April, and the Hispanic Retail 360 Conference held in Las Vegas in August,” said Melissa Trosterman, Audience Marketing Manager for Nielsen Business Media. “We look to EthnicEvents to help us draw our target audience to these events, and hope to continue this partnership down the line.” is a multicultural portal that offers news and events within over 30 specific U.S. ethnic markets. Originally launched in 2007, it is the only site of its kind, and is a one-stop-shop for marketers and public leaders seeking to connect with new consumers.

“We have seen a rather large increase and interest in these varied U.S. ethnic markets in particular due to the current economic climate,” said Monique Tapie, Communications Director for Global Advertising Strategies. “In spite of these market conditions, clients of ours, such as Lufthansa, have exponentially increased their budgets to reach these communities that have been the least hit by the Wall Street fallout.”

With a database of over 2,000 street festivals, parades, community conferences, concerts and performances, including a brief description of each event and a longer description of the history and rich traditions of each group, multicultural marketing professionals can create effective marketing strategies to strengthen their brand presence within these communities.

Event organizers can post upcoming event information on our site, including a detailed description of the event, pictures, videos and links to their website, placing them directly in front of hundreds of potential sponsors.

To sign up for your free subscription please click here and use the promo code GAS10.

About Global Advertising Strategies:

Global Advertising Strategies is a New York based full-service marketing and advertising agency dedicated to helping its clients bridge the perceptual gaps between cultures both in and outside of the U.S. Global has helped clients grow business with consumers in the General Market and with those from over 35 different ethnic communities. The agency provides a full-service offering of traditional advertising services, events & public relations and interactive services.

Global is also the developer and owner of such properties as, an online portal for multicultural marketing professionals; a global platform for people of diverse backgrounds and countries to have their voices heard on what’s going on in their world whether it be news & politics, travel, sports or simply pop culture; a series of conferences which concentrates on profitable U.S. cultural markets beyond Hispanic; and the only international Russian language advertising awards program based in the U.S.