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New AdGooroo Feature Shows Search Marketers What Competitors Spend Online


Budget Analyzer one of three new features added to SEM Insight™

SAN JOSE, Calif. – AdGooroo (www.adgooroo.com), a leading provider of online marketing competitive intelligence and keyword tools, at Search Engine Strategies San Jose unveiled three new features of its SEM Insight tool, including Budget Analyzer. The new reporting functions enable marketers to track and respond to competitors’ paid search impressions, clicks, click through rates and total spend.

“With the addition of Budget Analyzer to SEM Insight, advertisers can now see not only their competitors’ search traffic, impressions and other optimization efforts, but also what they spend,” said AdGooroo Founder and Chief Gooroo Rich Stokes. “Enabling marketers to see how competitors spend their ad dollars online offers a leg up on the competition and the ability to achieve the greatest possible return on their search investment.”

Along with Budget Analyzer, AdGooroo also integrated AdWords Data Calibration and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Traffic Estimator into SEM Insight. These new features enable marketers to import their Google AdWords campaigns to improve budget estimates and obtain estimates for competitors’ organic search clicks and click through rates to track and compare their own organic traffic for Google, Yahoo! and Bing to that of their competitors.

The three new features will be available to current subscribers at no additional charge. To learn more about AdGooroo, SEM Insight or the new features, visit www.adgooroo.com.

About AdGooroo

AdGooroo provides online marketers and agencies actionable, on demand competitive intelligence tools that proactively monitor an industry’s advertising landscape to help them build a long-term competitive advantage. Based in Chicago, AdGooroo provides competitive intelligence to search engine marketers through its tool suite, including AdGooroo Express, SEM Insight and Trademark Insight. AdGooroo tools leverage access and automation to provide advertisers with lists of competitors’ top keywords, ad copy, campaign statistics and more. Top agencies and brand advertisers leverage AdGooroo competitive intelligence tools. For more information, visit AdGooroo.com.