Audience-Based Sales Now Drive 10% of Online Advertising Revenue for Web’s Premium Publishers

Ad Operations Onlinethe Rubicon Project’s Targeted Audience Program empowers Web publishers and sales channel partners to build customized audiences and sell more secondary premium inventory to clients

LOS ANGELES – the Rubicon Project, the Internet advertising infrastructure company, has engineered technology and tools for premium Web publishers and their sales channel partners to make the most of their high-quality audiences and expand their reach, build customized audiences and sell a new tier of ad products through its Targeted Audience Program (TAP). Built on the REVV for publishers™ platform, engineered to accelerate revenue, TAP enables Web publishers to target their own visitors and other Web users just like them on their own sites and beyond as they travel around the Web.

Additionally, TAP allows for the identification of the specific audiences of interest to publishers’ advertisers on their own sites and across all premium publishers on the REVV platform. Rates for campaigns running through the Targeted Audience Program today garner nearly 4x rates of non-audience targeted campaigns.

Until very recently, advertisers were forced to rely on search and content as proxies for specific audiences. A single search for the term “Rubicon,” however, does not necessarily indicate a person’s interest in purchasing a Jeep® vehicle of that name, just as a visit to a conservative political news site does not guarantee the user’s political leanings.

Online data providers have emerged in growing numbers to provide more perspective on users, but no single data company has complete view of audience. One company may recognize that a user comes from a particular geographic location; a different data provider knows the searcher is 29; a third may recognize the same user as a woman. But without technology to connect those disparate data points, publishers have not been able to effectively sell against their audience to advertisers. This reliance on selling by proxies and fragmented data has lead to poor campaign execution, where the right audience is not being targeted, the advertiser is dissatisfied and there is a significant loss of revenue. The Data Intelligence layer of REVV™, upon which TAP is built, addresses these issues with technology including:

DataCore aggregates data from a full spectrum of third-party data providers as well as site user and page data to create a holistic view of audience;
Affinity Scoring drives insight into visitors’ real interests and behavior, applying proprietary data mining algorithms to extract patterns and reveal audience insight;
Audience Targeting identifies and defines optimal audience segments
“Publishers, sales channels and brands alike benefit from efficiency of audience targeting as it results in higher rates and delivery of precisely the audiences that advertisers want to reach,” said JT Batson, EVP of Revenue and Global Development. “As of this month, more than 10 percent of advertising dollars flowing through the Rubicon Project’s REVV Marketplace are spent exclusively on audience-targeted buys, compared to 5 percent at the start of Q409. The growth is a clear indication that our partners and their advertisers are satisfied, and benefiting from the ability to reach precisely targeted audience segments through the premium publishers who are leveraging our Targeted Audience Program.”

TAP allows publishers to deliver on the long-promised goal of Internet advertising, while securing higher rates for publishers and greater effectiveness for demand partners’ advertisers. Features of the Rubicon Project’s Targeted Audience Program:

Audience Targeting – Target specific users on a publishers site for maximum campaign yield and give advertisers the exact audience they want to reach
Audience Re-Targeting – Builds revenue from a specific audience by selling against the publisher’s users as they travel beyond the initial site and around the Web
Audience Extension – Targets “lookalikes” – users just like those that visit or use a publisher’s site on other premium sites across the Web
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About the Rubicon Project

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Rubicon Project launched in 2007 with a mission to automate the $65 billion global online advertising industry. The company’s Yield Management Optimization platform, REVV for Publishers™, is engineered to accelerate revenue for premium Web publishers. Backed by $42 million in funding from Clearstone Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, IDG Ventures and GE/NBC Universal’s Peacock Equity Fund, the Rubicon Project serves premium publishers like NBC Universal, Gannett and CareerBuilder; optimizing more than 45 billion ads each month and reaching 500 million unique Internet users. Ranked second in overall Internet reach worldwide by Quantcast, the Rubicon Project also helps ad sales channels around the world gain access to precise audience-segmented inventory, at broad scale. Yield Management Optimization drives revenue lift ranging from 30-300% for the Rubicon Project’s customers.