LucidMedia Launches ADvisor DSP, Demand-Side Platform with Integrated Multi-Source Real-Time Bidding for Enhanced Transparency, Insight, and Agency Control

RESTON, Va. – LucidMedia (, an optimized display ad network and scalable targeting platform, announced that its pioneering demand-side platform (DSP) with integrated real-time bidding (RTB) is available to interactive advertising agencies. LucidMedia ADvisor DSP™ is designed for interactive agencies that need to control their campaigns, extend their reach into the online community, and streamline the complex process of acquiring inventory. The scalable platform uses intelligent real-time bidding strategies on the Internet’s largest repositories including Yahoo’s RightMedia Exchange and the Google Ad Exchange as well as numerous aggregators including PubMatic, AdMeld, and the Rubicon Project giving the platform an unprecedented 45 billion impression-per-month potential and 95% reach into the U.S. online population.

This announcement comes at a time when an increasing number of agency executives are contemplating buy-side networks for the financial benefit of capturing a larger share of advertising dollars. These organizations invariably need to seek out a platform provider with the necessary technology that will allow them to manage their campaigns more effectively, improve their current margins, and gain an edge over their competition. ADvisor DSP is available as a managed service so that LucidMedia hosts the software and provides the agency platform team with a secure login and the guidance they need during the transition. The platform uses an advanced, proprietary ad server designed specifically to support critical DSP features like universal frequency capping, robust auditing, content filtering, and targeting to pages as well as users. Discrepancy management and reconciliation, Atlas Universal Action Tag (UAT) compliance, and intrinsic support for engaging rich media technologies are also core capabilities of the platform.

“We began testing ADvisor DSP internally in January of 2009, effectively making it the online advertising industry’s first production RTB-enabled demand-side platform,” said Ajay Sravanapudi, Founder and CEO of LucidMedia Networks, Inc. “We have processed more than 100 billion impressions and delivered hundreds of successful campaigns in preparation for today’s launch. ADvisor DSP allows agencies to bring the full benefits of our optimized network in-house as they transition into a buy-side network. ADvisor DSP leverages our robust contextual analysis, page-level targeting engine, 14,000 micro-segmented categories, and precise brand-safe filters in a single interface under agency control.”

About LucidMedia

LucidMedia Networks, Inc. ( is a targeting network and ad management platform focused on delivering optimized performance and branding display advertising campaigns at the page-level for interactive agencies. Network capabilities are accessible through a hosted demand-side platform (DSP) with real-time bidding (RTB) called ADvisor DSP available to agencies as a managed service. LucidMedia and ADvisor DSP use intelligent, multi-source RTB strategies across the Internet’s largest repositories creating an unprecedented 45B impression-per-month potential that reaches 95% of the U.S. online population. Formally known as Entrieva, the company was founded in 1999 and today processes more than ten thousands ad requests every second for hundreds of major brand advertisers.