iPOWOW and MediaTile Enter Joint Collaboration Agreement to Develop Real-Time, Interactive Audience Measurement System for Digital Signage Media Analytics

Viewer Analytics Enables Brands, Agencies and Digital Signage Network Operators to Collect and Compare Real-Time Feedback Across Multiple Platforms Including Digital-Out-of-Home, Mobile, and the Web, Premiering at DSE2010 in MediaTile’s Booth #1427

Digital Signage Expo 2010; Booth #1427

LAS VEGAS & NEW YORK & SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. – iPOWOW!, a developer and service provider of market research tools for gathering viewer opinion through online video, and The MediaTile Company, the leader in 3G and 4G cellular digital signage and SaaS solutions, announced that they have entered into a joint collaboration agreement to develop and market a new interactive audience measurement system for digital signage touch screen systems. This innovative solution will extend the capabilities of digital signs and dramatically increase the value-add of displays for network operators.

This “interactive audience measurement” process is powered by iPOWOW! technology and MediaTile’s latest release of the MediaCast Saas System. Now in demonstration beta release at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas this week, it enables brands, agencies, and enterprises of all kinds to solicit, collect and measure real-time viewer feedback on video and flash-based promotions using touch-screen-enabled digital signs. The beta system can be seen at DSE2010 in MediaTile’s booth #1427.

This is a true breakthrough for viewer engagement and measurement, not only for the digital signage market, but in the overall approach that companies have traditionally taken to collect and analyze consumer interests and attitudes,” said Gary Davis, CEO, iPOWOW!. “This will revolutionize the way marketers and communicators think about focus groups and eliciting feedback in general.”

“Audience engagement is critical. We are very excited to be working with iPOWOW!, and to develop a new approach for collecting viewer analytics,” said Simon Wilson, CEO of The MediaTile Company. By integrating this technology with our MediaCast SaaS and cellular solution, customers can deploy touch-screen displays virtually anywhere and collect real-time feedback from viewers.”

When coupled with MediaTile’s Cellular Digital Signage solution, and the MediaCast content delivery and management system, users provide their direct feedback by simply touching the screen, or by answering questions posed during the promotion. Once the video session is completed, the digital sign may be scheduled to return to its regular on-screen promotional schedule. These touch screen systems can be deployed virtually anywhere there is a power outlet as they communicate over AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless and other cellular networks.

The real-time feedback mechanism that encourages viewers to register their feedback with a simple touch, works with virtually any media file playing on-screen, including mpeg or flash videos. Real-time data can be recorded throughout the viewer’s experience on nearly every aspect of the message they are viewing. The system enables the digital signage operator to “apply” a dynamic polling interface on top of their pre-existing content. The information captured can be analyzed on a per-viewer basis, on a demographic basis, or as an aggregate. It can also highlight, in an easy to understand dashboard, how a single viewer’s response, or a demographic group’s response, differs from the overall opinion, or by location.

About iPOWOW!
iPOWOW!’s technology platform enables brands to transform their online videos into a dynamic two-way communications and research tool, allowing viewers to give their opinions and feedback on the content in real time and via an online “voting” interface. Customers and constituents can engage with brands directly and voice their thoughts on the brand’s products and services in real-time. Easy distribution to a viewer’s social network creates a viral effect that brands can track through detailed analytics reports, providing valuable demographics and customer intelligence.

About MediaTile
The MediaTile Company (www.mediatile.com) is a worldwide supplier of award-winning, all-in-one cellular digital signage, kiosk, and SaaS solutions that are remarkably easy-to-deploy and operate. Just add power to MediaTile Digital Sign in a Box™ or Kiosk in a Box™ systems and use the web-based MediaCast SaaS Portal to manage and monitor your merchandising, informational or interactive communications network. http://www.mediatile.com/