AdoTube introduces The Polite Pre-Roll, The First Industry-Wide Available Format That Gives Viewers Real-Time Ad Viewing Options

Optimized for short-form videos, the Polite Pre-Roll® empowers the viewer and yields a 133% higher click-thru rate and a 36% lower abandonment rate versus standard Pre-Rolls

NEW YORK, NY, September 23, 2010, AdoTube unveils the Polite Pre-Roll®, a first-of-its-kind, innovative ad format. Perfect for short-form videos, the format adds interactivity to standard Pre-Rolls, giving viewers the choice of when to watch an advertisement. The Polite Pre-Roll®, under preliminary testing with select advertisers, has seen a 133% higher click-thru rate, a 36% lower abandonment rate, and in some cases an even higher view-through rate than the standard Pre-Roll.

Driving user engagement by letting the user control their ad experience provides multiple benefits for both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers will see higher engagement rates and an increase in the associated brand value as a benefit of the elimination of unwanted or obtrusive ads. Publishers will also reap the benefits of the ad format, as fewer viewers will abandon their site, ensuring continued monetization.

How it Works:
The Polite Pre-Roll® is an interactive, dismissible and retractable Pre-Roll format that offers creative opportunities and engagement possibilities far beyond those of standard Pre-Rolls. Like a standard Pre-Roll, the ad is initiated at the beginning of a video, but as a full-screen rich-media overlay with the broadcast spot embedded. A minimization button allows viewers to choose whether to momentarily close out of the ad or to watch through the spot. If the user opts out, they will be able to watch the video they came to watch, with an overlay reminder appearing unobtrusively to urge the user to view the ad spot when ready.

“We are constantly looking to innovate in ways that create a better experience for advertisers, consumers and publishers,” said Steven Jones, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer. “The Polite Pre-Roll® accomplishes both by providing users the choice to view the ad when they want to, creating engagement opportunities far beyond that of standard Pre-Roll.”

About AdoTube
AdoTube is a complete in-stream/in-video solution that enables each part of the industry (agencies, advertisers and publishers) to have easy and efficient access to in-stream ads. AdoTube’s platform includes:

AdoTube Ad Network: Top in-stream and in-video network providing ad placement, creative services, advanced targeting, measurement and results to agencies and advertisers.

AdoTube Publisher Management tool (PUMA): A proprietary in-stream ad server with full tracking and analytics capabilities. This is complemented with a video indexing tool and a powerful creative suite, giving publishers the ability to create and run their own rich media in-stream campaigns with bundled-in ad operations support and client services.

AdoTube In-Stream Ad Exchange (AdEx): Provides solutions for both publishers and advertisers. Publishers have the ability to monetize video with this in-stream inventory exchange. Advertisers (local and small) are provided with an efficient solution for buying in-stream inventory, creating their own in-stream ads and delivering their message within video content.

AdoTube Network Partner Console (NPC): A tool that enables ad networks and media brokers to easily diversify into in-stream advertising, as well as take advantage of AdoTube’s creative suite with bundled-in ad operations support and client services.

AdoTube Creative Services (OTT Creative Services): A team of designers and engineers that create high-quality creative and support the creative suites for each type of client.

AdoTube’s suite of products helps each part of the industry to deliver high-quality, in-stream advertising solutions through a quick, easy and cost efficient platform.

AdoTube is led by a seasoned team of internet professionals headquartered in New York, with offices in California and Europe. To learn more about AdoTube, or to become a partner, please see their solutions for advertisers, publishers and ad networks at