gamerDNA Media Delivers Ads to Potential Audience of 20 M Unique US Visitors Every Month

Digital Ad Firm Triples Potential Reach Year-Over-Year, Delivers to Prospective Audience of Video Gamers Influential for Early Product Adoption and Grassroots Brand-Building

NEW YORK – gamerDNA Media, the digital advertising firm that gives advertisers a targeted, creative gateway to some of the most buzz-creating influencers on the web, announced that its video game ad network has grown 277% over the past 12 months, delivering ads to sites with a combined potential reach of more than 20 million unique United States visitors every month. According to comScore, the global digital analytics leader, gamerDNA Media also has garnered a high concentration of visitors among 18-34 year olds, a critical target audience for brands looking to build early awareness among key “geek chic” influencers.

As more innovative advertisers seek to push grassroots adoption of products or services, they are looking for a way to reach people who have the power and the visibility to impact public perception. The gaming community, typically men ages 18-34, is a proven way to do that – if you can reach them.

“True gamers are notoriously difficult to pin down, and they don’t like anything about traditional advertising,” said Jay Benach, President, gamerDNA Media. “Brands that can tap into this group are immediately considered hip, new and ‘must have.’ At gamerDNA, we work with the world’s most interesting brands to launch new products, re-launch old products in new ways and drive early adoption among some of the web’s most vocal decision-makers.”

Other notable findings from the recently released comScore data include:

– gamerDNA Media is now the fourth largest gaming ad network, potentially reaching more visitors in the 12-17, 18-24 and 25-34 age ranges than the general Internet audience and making it a go-to resource to reach grassroots-level influencers where they live on the web.
– Nearly 25 percent of the visitors on gamerDNA Media’s network make more than $100,000 in annual household income, combining online influence with actual buying power.

gamerDNA Media’s publisher network has also grown exponentially in Europe, now potentially reaching more than 15 million unique visitors across European sites. This can provide critical awareness on a worldwide basis for global brand campaigns.

About gamerDNA Media

gamerDNA Media gives advertisers a targeted, creative gateway to some of the most buzz-creating influencers on the web. The digital advertising firm represents the top gaming sites, delivering views and visibility to the largest reach of a key demographic of grassroots trendsetters: true gamers, typically males ages 18-34. gamerDNA Media is a go-to partner to seed new products among early adopters and build new revenue opportunities for established brands. The company specializes in helping establish “geek cred” for trend-setting brands, including KFC, FOX, WalMart and Xbox.