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VivaKi Nerve Center, BlueKai Co-Develop New Data Platform


Partnership Leads to First-Of-Its-Kind Offering in the Media Marketplace

Colorado Springs, CO  – VivaKi Nerve Center – VivaKi’s dedicated R&D unit for next generation advertising practices and products – and BlueKai – the  world’s most connected customer data cloud for data management, analysis and activation – have co-developed a new data platform called Audience Insights that will provide marketers with unmatched scale, data aggregation capabilities and safety standards.   The announcement was made earlier today at the 2012 iMedia Agency Summit in Colorado Springs, CO.

As an unprecedented offering, Audience Insights  allows marketers to glean demographic and behavioral information, as well as activate audience intelligence  through media partnerships. And instead of traditional ‘tagging’ of creative assets and Web pages – which can be cumbersome and potentially inhibit the consumer experience – Audience Insights reduces the complexity and increases  scale by leveraging what is already in place.  By ingesting data from campaigns on DoubleClick and Atlas, Audience Insights synchs data via the VivaKi Cookie Synching process to provide a more robust and scaled view of audience profiles and insights. BlueKai’s extensive aggregation of marketplace data and its data management platform (DMP) provide a unique toolset for audience analysis and management, while keeping strict firewalls in place for clients.

“It has been very rewarding to see this initiative turn into an industry offering that can scale,” said Nerve Center President Kurt Unkel. “This was a collaborative effort in which BlueKai and the Nerve Center brought forth ideas and technology that could truly make this a game-changing offering.”

“As the de-facto in the data management space, BlueKai has forged partnerships with world-class data partners in order to offer our clients the most complete cross-section of data available in the market,” said Omar Tawakol, CEO of BlueKai. “We are thrilled to partner with VivaKi to bring this best-in-class platform to the marketplace.  Put simply, this partnership is furthering our mission to enable the ecosystem to not only have access to good data, but to also have the ability to drive ROI, make it actionable and integrate data in every platform.”

Audience Insights is currently being leveraged by major national clients and extends the value of existing VivaKi offerings such as Audience On Demand™, CRM365 and Fluent, which allow for activation of the insights gathered from Audience Insights. It is also a key driver for the Nerve Center’s strategy around addressable media, which focuses on building the tools and techniques needed to execute simply and effectively in an ever-changing media landscape. Ultimately, Audience Insights allows clients to define their audiences once, target them anywhere they might be and evaluate constantly.

“Audience Insights alleviates some of the complexities you encounter in data management space,” said Nerve Center’s VP, Data Solutions and Product Support Kelley Maves. “This platform reduces the need for endless tagging and leverages existing assets to help clients more readily take action.”

About VivaKi Nerve Center

The VivaKi Nerve Center is the world’s largest research and development (R&D) center dedicated to building new technologies and approaches that connect brands with their customers in today’s digital world. With increased media fragmentation, the Nerve Center is focused on developing tools, technology and partnerships to help VivaKi clients effectively reach and engage their consumers “across screens” and throughout all stages of the consumer purchase funnel. By centralizing resources into one R&D operation, the Nerve Center harnesses the collective strength of VivaKi’s global scale, which aggregates the marketplace influence of four autonomous brands―ZenithOptimedia, Starcom MediaVest Group, Digitas and Razorfish.

About BlueKai

BlueKai (www.bluekai.com) provides the leading data management platform (DMP) that connects, analyzes and activates proprietary data assets for marketers and publishers. By aggregating all the customer data assets within an organization, BlueKai’s platform provides an intelligent unified view of consumers allowing for more relevant interactions across all touch points. This enables BlueKai customers to achieve higher marketing performance, more customers and more revenue. The BlueKai platform is uniquely integrated with the world’s largest marketplace for anonymous 3rd party audience data providing unparalleled audience prospecting and analytics.

The BlueKai customer data grid is the most connected and most adopted data platform in the ad tech ecosystem. Trusted by 6 of the top Fortune 15 corporations and numerous global brands, the privately-held company is based in Cupertino, Calif., and is a recipient of the 2011 OnMedia B2B Company of the Year award.

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