Exponential Adds Advertising Intelligence To Mindshare’s CORE Marketing Intelligence Platform

Global Digital Advertising Company Brings Audience Data Enhancement To Agency’s Platform For Marketing Decision-Making

Emeryville, CA – Exponential Interactive, the global digital advertising company, has joined the network of advertising technology, data and service providers powering a new ‘marketing intelligence platform’ from global media network Mindshare.

Exponential’s e-X Advertising Intelligence Platform, which enables the audience insights and targeting capabilities of the company’s audience engagement divisions, including global online advertising provider Tribal Fusion, will add rich audience segmentation and targeting data to the new system.

Mindshare describes the new platform, CORE, as a “a first-of-its-kind, user-centric and open source data-driven marketing intelligence platform that empowers both analysts and non-technical users to make informed marketing spend, audience targeting and creative optimization decisions across all touch points in real-time.”

“Exponential will help Mindshare’s CORE platform benefit from the ability to find and connect with a brand’s audiences based on their identified online interests and intentions,” says Tim Brown, chief product officer at Exponential. “We will also be able to help the clients of CORE reach those exact audiences across display, video and mobile at global scale through our audience engagement divisions, which include Tribal Fusion, AdoTube, Appsnack and Firefly Video.”

“To provide marketers with insight into the web behavior and activity history of their audiences while outside of their owned media CORE has integrated Exponential’s global data feed to provide individual consumer-level insight against owned and paid media interactions at a granular level,” says Steve Plimsoll, CTO of Mindshare Worldwide and CORE project leader. “This now enables audience modeling against not just how consumers interact with media we control but also against their broader activities across the internet.”

Other partners powering the new platform include Acxiom, Adobe and Nielsen.

Exponential Interactive (www.exponential.com) is a global provider of advertising intelligence and digital media solutions to brand advertisers.

Our e-X Advertising Intelligence Platform combines world-class data and technology to help brands find and reach their prospective customers and connect with them using highly engaging creative messaging that is delivered across display, video and mobile, on a global scale.

Our audience engagement divisions include display advertising provider Tribal Fusion, brand engagement platform Firefly Video, in-stream video advertising specialist AdoTube, and in-app mobile advertising provider Appsnack.

Exponential is headquartered in Emeryville, California and offers its solutions to brand advertisers in 26 countries.