Akamai’s ADS Business Unit Rebrands as Adroit Digital, Offering Advanced Audience Segmentation, Remarketing and Prospecting Across Channels

Pairs Industry-Best Data Cooperative With Marketing Experts for Data-Driven, People-Powered Online Advertising

NEW YORK – Advertising Decision Solutions (ADS), operator of the leading online advertising data cooperative, has rebranded as Adroit Digital. The new name reflects the company’s unique combination of audience marketing technology with skilled online data and advertising professionals.

“We’re always looking to find more customers according to our parameters”

Adroit Digital helps marketers identify the best online audience for their products and services through the largest private online data co-op, which pools insights from all member organizations to build rich, detailed audience models. Advertisers can then leverage these models to buy media and prospect new customers across multiple devices.

“We’re always looking to find more customers according to our parameters,” said Paul Thau, president of Winterbridge. “Having worked with Adroit’s team for more than three years, we know that Adroit’s audience modeling makes our display campaigns more effective. We also like it that they’re on the leading edge of pixel-free. Platforms that incorporate pixel-free technology benefit us by reaching users we can’t reach otherwise. Although most of our clients are not yet ready to participate in the co-op, we know that they’re gaining an aggregate benefit from the co-op’s insights.”

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Whereas many data providers in the online ad market exist to provide large audience pools, Adroit Digital’s co-op identifies qualified consumers only, giving marketers the best audience, rather than the largest. Every advertiser can control exactly how its data is used, bringing a level of efficiency and transparency not available through existing co-ops or opaque networks.

“Data has never played a more important role in advertising, yet many online advertisers are confused or dissatisfied when it comes to incorporating insights into their campaigns,” said Scott German, GM of Adroit Digital. “The Adroit Digital co-op leverages an advertiser’s first-party site data to identify prospective customers. By using purchase history and behavioral insights, we can build a better picture of a consumer’s interests and, more importantly, their purchase intentions.”

Adroit Digital customers will also have access to Akamai’s unique pixel-free technology to collect and segment first-party data. Advertisers currently on the Akamai platform will not have to integrate other pixels for audience and media performance tracking when working with Adroit Digital, removing significant workflow and technology hurdles facing media buyers and other technology platforms.

Adroit Digital was acquired by MediaMath in January 2013, and operates as a partner of both MediaMath and Akamai.

About Adroit Digital

Adroit Digital helps online advertisers and their agencies simplify the process of digital marketing to drive performance across channels through a combination of advanced audience technology and knowledgeable industry experts. The company’s private advertiser data cooperative allows advertisers to share their first-party audience data and build detailed in-market consumer populations for prospecting new customers. With over 300 million unique cookies aggregated every month, Adroit Digital clients have access to fresh, free and exclusive data. Powered by MediaMath’s TerminalOne buying platform, Adroit Digital provides the technology, as well as a team of advertising experts who empower clients to leverage consumer data for all it is worth. For more information, visit www.adroitdigital.com.