Mediasmart Launches Incremental Metrics for App Marketers

‘First self-serve solution to automate incremental metrics and provide insights into campaign impact’

mediasmart Mobile has launched new features which allow advertisers promoting their apps to estimate the incremental impact of their advertising campaigns, both when they run campaigns in mediasmart DSP and in other display mobile channels.

Its new ‘Incremental Metrics’ offering uses a scientific approach to address the many limitations of last click or last impression attribution and cost-per-event ROI models, by focusing only on those conversions that are incremental.

This helps advertisers avoid wasting advertising budgets, as the best measured ROI is often delivered by those who manage to attribute a lot of conversions for themselves, rather than providing the highest value and user impact.

The offering allows advertisers to take control of their ad effectiveness and measure real success. It also enables them to promote their apps in a way that actually impacts the user and to optimise focusing on the most effective campaign strategy, while automatically preventing fraud.

Attribution Fraud and fraud in general remains a key threat where app promotion is concerned. A growing range of solutions have been produced to identify fraudulent practices, but the challenge remains, as fraudsters come up with more sophisticated practices.

“Crucially, in an effort to measure ROI from campaigns we have moved to a world where only what is measured counts”, said Noelia Amoedo, CEO, mediasmart. “When we only measure absolute results instead of campaign outcome, this drives advertisers and their providers to simply use strategies that ‘count results’ instead of providing incremental value”.

While the traditional cost-per-event (install, purchase or ride) model is considered an industry standard, it is far from being a sound indicator of digital campaign efficiency. We need to use incremental metrics and go back to the fundamentals of advertising, like focusing on the message our ads are conveying”.

Mediasmart’s product offers:

1.      A self-serve mobile first DSP where you can set up your own campaigns to buy in more than 30 ad exchanges, using predictive targeting for automatic optimization toward multiple goals, audience management, deals and private marketplaces, lookalike algorithms, etc. – and an ad server that you can use to serve ads in other mobile channels that allow you to serve your own ad tags.

2.      Multiple configurable post-install events to track. For every campaign you can configure the install and up to 4 post-install events in your tracking system so that mediasmart can use results in real time to optimize the media buying process. Mediasmart is also certified with the most popular mobile measurement platforms, such as AppsFlyer, Branch and others.

3.      Out of the box campaign uplift and estimated effectiveness, provided by comparing results of every campaign with results measured on placebo users, who never see the campaign ads but have otherwise the same characteristics as users exposed to the campaign.

4.      Real time granular reports on incremental metrics across dozens of variables, as well as a daily campaign dashboard for each advertising channel, focused on incremental metrics for the specific event that is your main goal.

5.      Real time reports on ad serving errors. Immediately identify particular creatives, publishers or any other conditions that cause your ad not to be delivered, so that you can block them for your campaign.

Incremental Metrics measurement is available from today to all existing and new Mediasmart customers.


mediasmart Mobile is the first programmatic media buying solution that enables mobile advertisers to easily run campaigns driven by incremental metrics.

mediasmart Mobile was one of the first movers into the mobile programmatic ecosystem, having launched in Jan 2012. It gives access to global mobile inventory – both in mobile apps and web – from more than thirty ad exchanges/SSPs, and it has successfully proven throughout the years that its algorithms can effectively manage big data to deliver results. A proven and scalable technology, currently handling more than 900,000 ad requests per second, mediasmart can be used directly by clients on a self-serve basis or via APIs, and it handles both RTB and programmatic direct buys.

Located in Madrid, London and Paris, mediasmart Mobile includes a team of mobile and advertising experts and is backed by well-known investors KOMM Investment (Michael Kleindl) and Kibo Ventures (Aquilino Peña).

For more information, visit, follow @mediasmart_mb or contact [email protected]