Polar Expects to Deliver 20 Billion Native Ads in 2015 for Premium Publishers Globally

NEW YORK – Polar (polar.me), maker of the powerful native advertising platform MediaVoice, has experienced staggering global adoption and growth in the past 12 months.

MediaVoice is the industry’s largest global native advertising platform for publisher-sold native advertising campaigns. Slate, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Economist, Hearst Magazines, Major League Baseball, Bloomberg, Condé Nast, Associated Press, and News Corp are just some of the 60+ premium publishers working with Polar to strengthen their direct-sold sponsored content and native advertising programs.

10-Million To 1.5-Billion in 2014

Publishers using MediaVoice had served just over 10-Million native ads back in January 2014. That number grew quickly over the course of 2014 and in December, the 700 publishing sites using MediaVoice were serving over 1.5-billion native ads monthly across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

MediaVoice helps publishers in a number of ways: by helping publishers ad-serve native promotions or teasers to sponsored content using their existing content-management-system (CMS) and ad-server (including Google’s DoubleClick). MediaVoice also has a built-in CMS, giving multi-site publishers the ability to push a single piece of creative through several properties. The robust analytics capabilities of MediaVoice provide publishers a single dashboard to understand the ad, web, content and social analytics behind content programs.

Publishers create more native inventory

Publishers have created now over 2,000 unique native ad positions across all properties and devices using MediaVoice, which has increased from just 25 placements one year ago. MediaVoice offers publishers the flexibility and control required in creating placements that are native to the look-and-feel of the site while being clearly marked and labelled.

“Native advertising has grown and matured so much in the past 12-months,” says Kunal Gupta, CEO, Polar. “Fortunately MediaVoice has evolved simultaneously, keeping pace with the unique needs of publishers sponsored content programs.

From 1 Office To 3 Cities And Beyond

Native advertising is a global business and Polar’s footprint has expanded to reflect the needs of publishers all over the world. Starting the year in Toronto, Polar has setup a team in New York in the spring and expanded its presence to Europe in late-2014.

Europe is proving itself a hotbed of native advertising growth with major publishers establishing sponsored content programs. Aggregate data gathered by Polar shows the UK publishers specifically adopting and growing their native advertising plans. With UK publishers like The Telegraph, The Economist, Time Inc UK, Hearst Magazines, Mail Online, Net Communities, News UK, Scripps UK and others choosing MediaVoice to power their sponsored content programs, Polar is poised to support the aggressive market growth expected in Europe this year.

To learn more about MediaVoice, visit polar.me/mediavoice or request a demo to see the industry’s largest native advertising platform for direct-sold publisher campaigns globally.