How Valuable Is My Data?

Data Management Platforms offer market players the features to collect, administer, segment, analyse, and to use data through external platforms in a controlled manner. Hence, a new transparency of existing amounts of data is guaranteed. Application potentials grow enormously with DMP solutions that are based on algorithms, machine learning and data science methodology. This is particularly relevant due to different commercial goals and the varying marketing channels (online, offline, mobile, video…).

Fundamental for the future: establish DMPs

Companies, publishers and agencies may exploit new competitive advantages through a DMP. However, the decision in favour of a DMP does not automatically lead to success in the highly competitive data market: the nature and quality of data play a crucial role. Innovative technology and data know-how are key to better use the value of existing or externally obtained data and to cover all commercial purposes; including data protection, data science and market know-how, as well as available data sources. Once a DMP solution is employed, companies face enormous opportunities for effective data driven marketing.

Relevant data

Considering data driven marketing, today different combinatorics are needed in comparison to a couple of years ago. This means that all platforms and channels are employed, dependent on the individual campaign goal. More often it is about mobile now, naturally also about in-app, video, TV and online combined, plus particularly about programmatic campaigns. Target group data is more essential than ever and the types of utilisation have changed multiple times by now. Under the heading of smart data, i.e. the interaction of various data (such as factual and predictive data) with smart target group technology, relevant campaigns can nowadays be delivered. Thus, not merely intelligent technology but also new methods for determining the value of data are required, especially regarding the still partly non-transparent programmatic advertising market.

Protecting data

DMPs should possess a modern privacy concept that is based on anonymous or pseudonymous user information instead of person-related data. At any time, the principle of data minimisation and the protection of personal user data are to be complied with. Unnecessary personal data, such as IP addresses, have to be anonymised with the aid of a technical procedure. At, this is done in cooperation with an independent third party so as to actively prevent a deanonymisation but to still be able to use the many possibilities of smart data.

The value of my data

The quality and qualification of data for different purposes along the customer journey are more and more decisive for ad effectiveness. Considering customised ads, target group data is of major importance. By implication this means that the value of data is central. A recent survey revealed that 80% of the participating companies confirmed that data is crucial or very important for their marketing and advertising strategy (Winterberry Group/Global DMA 2014). This leads to the conclusion that data and predefined target groups have the potential to take over as the primary basis for planning my campaign from the earlier focus on advertising inventory and ad environment.


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As CEO of, the specialist for targeting, digital target group marketing and data management, Martin Hubert is responsible for the national and international growth strategy of the company since May 2015. Integral components of Hubert’s daily work are to further establish as flexible and neutral platform for data-based target group marketing internationally and as a strong technology partner in the field of real-time advertising. Most recently, as Managing Director at Ströer Digital Group, Martin Hubert took responsibility for the premium business with publishers, the expansion of reach, mobile marketing, as well as the technology development. Previous stops of Hubert included positions as Managing Director at the Performance Marketing Agency eprofessional and as CEO of the BBDO-subsidiary Interone Worldwide. Having successfully graduated in the science of physics, the CEO has been active in the digital industry for more than 20 years and founded his own company “Chips at Works” in 1992. “The desire to create highest relevance for advertising messages has been a constant companion throughout my professional life: i.e. in creation, performance marketing, in premium publishing and now from a technological perspective at”, says Martin Hubert.