Group IMD Launches the UK’s First Fully Automated Ad Delivery Platform

LONDON – Global ad delivery and automated workflow company Group IMD is transforming the speed and convenience of the video advertising delivery process through the launch of its IMD Cloud platform.

The fully-automated, cloud-native software delivers significant new benefits that advertisers, post-production houses, creative agencies, media buyers and broadcasters couldn’t get before.

One of the major advantages of IMD Cloud is its speed. Previously the fastest-possible guaranteed service was an hour whereas IMD Cloud can quality check and complete deliveries in under 10 minutes, allowing for later deadlines and vital last-minute changes.

Real-time, automated quality-control (QC) feedback greatly improves the ad delivery process. Technical errors can be identified and addressed straightaway without waiting in a queue for the results of human QC, saving time and cost in edit suites.

Human QC is still available in addition, but if clients choose automated QC only, they can send video advertisements at any time of the day or night and aren’t restricted to conventional opening hours: IMD Cloud is always open. This is especially useful when sending video advertisements late at night, for instance, when meeting deadlines in other time zones.

Other direct benefits to production include the fact that a ‘slate’ doesn’t have to be made anymore – IMD Cloud can produce it using the information in an order; all it needs is “first to last frame” video which is lower cost and faster to make, as well as quicker to upload.

With IMD Cloud, everyone interested in the progress of finished video advertisements from production to broadcasters and digital media operators can see what’s happening throughout the process, removing the need for constant phone calls and emails.

Simon Cox, Chief Executive Officer of Group IMD, said: “In IMD Cloud we have a platform that transforms the way that people work with video ads compared to what they’ve known before. It frees up time, it reduces anxiety and cost and it puts more control in the hands of our clients. We still have human QC available if stakeholders require it, but fully automating the entire process can revolutionise how people work.”

About Group IMD:

Group IMD is a global technology business automating the workflow and delivery of advertisements from ad agencies & production companies to broadcasters and the online video industry. Working in more than 100 markets with over 35 local offices, Group IMD’s worldwide presence across Europe, Asia Pacific, Australasia, the Middle East and Latin America is changing the way advertising works. Founded in 1996, Group IMD has grown continuously to provide the world’s most extensive, fully automated, cloud native, broadcast grade, video advertising platform: IMD Cloud.

via BusinessWire