Goodway Group Publishes 8th Edition of Ad Tech Guide

Updated book covers timely topics like mobile geo-targeting, cross-device and offline attribution technologies

Philadelphia, PA – In its continued effort to provide clarity to marketers within the often confusing world of ad tech, Goodway Group has updated its easy-to-read guide called 30 Days to Paid Digital Media Expertise. The book simplifies the jargony ad tech industry that can confound and intimidate the best of digital media novices and veterans alike through easily digestible daily reads. In the new, 8th edition, author Jay Friedman, partner and COO of Goodway Group, covers timely complex topics such as targeting, real-time bidding, native advertising and offline attribution in an accessible manner for marketers.

“In one ambitious swoop, 30 Days covers the ground new marketers need to understand the way digital advertising works, while delivering keen insights to veteran marketers on how the ground is moving beneath them and where they need to land to achieve success,” says Jeff Green, Founder and CEO at The Trade Desk. “It is foundational. Jay Friedman got it right – which is why this has become part of our on-boarding process at The Trade Desk.”

Advertising industry organization Second Wind has been using 30 Days as part of their resource materials for agencies looking to educate their employees on the landscape of digital advertising.

“The 30 Days to Digital book is an insightful and reliable resource for advertising agencies everywhere. If you’re interested in transforming your digital media buying practices, this is a must-read,” said Laurie Mikes, COO Second Wind.

The 8th edition of the book provides updated content based on Goodway Group’s ongoing survey, State of Digital Media and the Regional Agency. The updates cover today’s programmatic landscape including mobile geo-targeting, cross-device, private marketplaces, pricing trends analysis and cutting-edge campaign measurement technologies such as offline-online data matching. In addition to the inclusion of today’s industry trends, the book has a revised content structure, branding and layout to provide improved readability, navigation and a better visual experience.

“Navigating the digital landscape can be difficult for anyone, including those who are experts in the field,” says Jay Friedman, COO at Goodway Group. “If you’re a regional agency, the 8th edition is an especially good read as the updated subject matter can help you to understand how your peers determine digital vendors, measure performance and ROI and how much budget they are devoting to digital. Our goal in writing this book was to create an industry tool that would put marketers at ease while encouraging them to go above and beyond in their efforts.”

The 8th edition of 30 Days to Paid Digital Media Expertise can be downloaded here.

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