Mediasmart Launches Real-Time Footfall Measurement and Tracking of Incremental KPIs

‘Proximity Campaigns’ integrates with multiple footfall tracking tools and provides insights into incremental campaign impact.

mediasmart Mobile has released new footfall tracking capabilities which allow advertisers to accurately determine the incremental impact of drive-to-store campaigns through real-time footfall tracking.

As part of its new Proximity Campaigns offering, and in partnership with third-party footfall measument tools such as adsquare – a mobile-first data exchange – mediasmart measures and maximises the incremental amount of store visits generated by such campaigns.

Using a Proximity Campaigns Wizard, a POI Discovery tool, an easy to use tool to customise lists of POIs and audience management, media buyers can maximise the effectiveness of a Drive to Store campaign, measure its impact and use elaborate reports on demand to optimise the campaign while it is being delivered.

Traditionally, measuring drive to store effectiveness and impact by tracking users’ locations was available only at the end of the campaign – but this information can now be provided to customers in real time.

Regardless of the capabilities of the tracking technologies, numerous technological limitations exist making it difficult to determine with 100 per cent accuracy (and at scale) whether a “visit that has been measured” was a real visit to a store in the ‘real world’.

Complications include whether the technology can tell if a user is inside or outside the shopping window when measured, or whether the user is inside the store or on their apartment above the store, for example.

For this reason, Mediasmart’s new offering completes any actual measurement of attributed visits with the comparison between users exposed to the campaign and users not exposed that otherwise have the same characteristics. Armed with this data and probabilistic analysis, mediasmart can determine the estimated incremental visits to the store, to provide the ultimate measure of the “impact” of a campaign.

KPIs such as the Uplift Factor or the Incremental Visits percentage and even the actual number of Incremental Visits based on the advertiser’s input (average daily visits before the campaign) can be provided without the advertiser having to place any tracking tools on their ads nor in their stores.

Ultimately, the goal of these KPIs is to measure the incremental value advertisers gain from a campaign by taking the percentage of measured visits by the tracking tool of choice that were exposed to the campaign and deducting any visits that would have happened independently of that campaign.

“By using a platform that is integrated with several footfall measurement solutions in real time, mediasmart has gone a step further in allowing our customers to maximise the effectiveness of their campaigns”, said Noelia Amoedo, CEO, mediasmart. “We are a mobile first platform with a long history of focusing on accuracy, and mobile is the only channel that links the physical and digital worlds so, our end to end solution is ideal for brands with a physical presence.”