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Google Certifies Tumri’s Ad Platform for Context-Aware Ads


Tumri’s AdPods Certified to Use Contextual Information across the Google Content Network

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Tumri, the leading provider of dynamic and intelligent display advertising solutions, announced that Tumri’s display ad platform is certified to operate context-aware ads across the Google content network. Advertisers will now be able to benefit from the performance support of Google’s contextual information and Tumri’s dynamic ad creation and optimization capabilities. The certification allows advertisers who use DoubleClick’s DFA to use Tumri’s AdPods to serve context-aware ads on the Google content network.

Tumri’s participation in context-aware ads on the Google content network benefits advertisers by allowing Google to feed its contextual page information about web page content into Tumri’s dynamic ad generation engine. Tumri’s AdPod seamlessly generates highly-targeted marketing messages in real time through its dynamic, intelligent ad optimization and presentation layer based upon the advanced contextual information from Google. As a result, advertisers deliver more targeted, higher-performance display ad campaigns that create greater customer satisfaction and more meaningful interactions with its target audience.

“This expanded functionality opens the door to the next generation of display advertising,” said Calvin Lui, president & CEO of Tumri. “By combining the power of Tumri’s AdPod with Google’s contextual data, advertisers can now deliver highly relevant messages within impactful graphical experiences like never before. We are marrying the precision of search-like capabilities with the visual power of display.”

As part of the certification, Tumri worked with Google to ensure that all Tumri ads meet Google’s policies, specifications, and performance requirements. The context-aware third-party ads support key targeting variables such as language, country, page keywords, geographical data and other contextual parameters. These enhanced contextual ads enable advertisers to create more relevant messaging with more compelling creatives and offers. This functionality is extremely compelling for various market segments, including:

* large retailers who rely on geo-targeting and have multiple product offers;
* financial services companies that use interactive tools and/or live stock quotes in their advertising;
* travel companies that tailor destination offers based on locations mentioned in publisher website content;

and auto manufacturers who use both geo-targeting and color preferences for each offer.

Tumri’s highly interactive, dynamic and relevant AdPods offer more effective, efficient and powerful execution to any display advertising campaign. AdPods seamlessly combine flash, video, images, text and data feeds (such as RSS, affiliate, proprietary XML feeds), to deliver strong brand awareness, merchandising, and localized ads that adjust on-the-fly to target audiences. Some of the most recognized brands in the world – including Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Lenovo, Overstock.com, Sears, and Capital One – have leveraged Tumri’s platform to generate tremendous lifts in performance while gathering unparalleled consumer insight.

About Tumri

Tumri is the leading provider of dynamic display advertising solutions. Based in Mountain View, CA, Tumri (www.tumri.com) has developed an innovative advertising platform that creates a highly dynamic and interactive advertising experience. The Tumri solution – the AdPod – enables advertisers to craft highly targeted marketing messages to consumers on-the-fly. The Tumri platform seamlessly deconstructs ad creatives into core sub-components, then enables advertisers to adjust each sub-component by targeting parameters or optimize by performance metrics. As a result, the Tumri platform delivers highly relevant advertising messages to consumers while lowering creative production costs and timelines. Additionally, Tumri’s patent-pending platform optimizes performance at a sub-ad component level and delivers unparalleled consumer insights through its proprietary reporting. Tumri was named a “One to Watch” company for Dealmaker Media’s 2007 Momentum Growth Conference and has been featured in The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, and in BusinessWeek. Tumri is funded by the premier venture capital firms Accel Partners, Lehman Brothers Venture Partners, and Shasta Ventures. To learn more about Tumri visit www.tumri.com.