PhaseOne Communications Uses Audience Response Forecasting to Fine Tune Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Research Consultants Perfect the Art of Communication Without Pre-testing Respondents

LOS ANGELES – PhaseOne Communications, a leading Los Angeles-based research consultancy, defies convention with its unique analytical method that forecasts content effectiveness with pinpoint accuracy to provide improved communications and brand affinity for its clients.

In the U.S., organizations spend more than $150 billion annually on advertising. The advertising spend worldwide is expected to reach $500 billion by 2010, according to recent reports. As consumers become increasingly distracted by a constant barrage of television commercials, print ads and Internet banners, organizations have the growing challenge of reaching their audience with impactful messages amidst a tight economy and shrinking marketing and advertising budgets.

“The current environment has forced advertisers to campaign more wisely, with added pressure on getting their communications right the first time,” said PhaseOne Communications Chairman and CEO Jody Moxham.

“Advertisers are wary of taking risks and need higher assurance that their strategies are effectively and efficiently communicated. Usually, they begin with traditional methods, which involve scoring and feedback to test what elements of an ad best support the brand. Unlike the traditional method of learning ‘after the fact,’ our analysis is really valuable early in the process—prior to a launch—by forecasting consumer behavior and offering actionable communication solutions to resolve messaging issues before they hit the marketplace thereby increasing the odds for success.

“Right now advertisers can’t afford to wait and test a produced ad only to find it has failed to impact the audience and then be forced to start again. We partner with our clients to help them to select the strongest ideas and then work to perfect it,” she added.

While the PhaseOne methodology is based on a deeply-centered understanding of consumer behavior, the firm does not directly consult consumer opinion in its communications diagnosis. For more than 20 years, Moxham and her team of analysts, communications specialists and researchers have been refining and expanding a knowledge base that serves clients in diverse cultural and business markets around the world.

PhaseOne examines 297 different factors that influence the communications’ performance. With the ability to assess clients’ communications messages at various stages ranging from rough concepts to already produced advertising, PhaseOne’s analysts are able to determine which factors in the communications successfully drive performance and which factors are hindrances. The results of this process give the brand actionable steps to improve their communications effectiveness with the target audience.

PhaseOne helped a top brand introduction exceed sales goals. Its client in the consumer-packaged-goods industry introduced a new genre of product under an existing brand name that had a reputation for being non-innovative and dated. The advertisement needed to introduce the new product, overcome/change the reputation of the brand and reshape consumer behavior. The PhaseOne team helped the client and its ad agency to select and refine the advertisements that best aligned with the client’s strategy to introduce the product, create awareness for it, and drive sales. The overall result was that the advertisements’ success contributed to $100 million in sales during the product’s first year. Moreover, the new product was recognized by BrandWeek as a top brand introduction for that year.

About PhaseOne Communications

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, PhaseOne Communications is a specialized research consultancy serving the communications needs of clients worldwide. PhaseOne transcends the conventions of market and communications research by bringing a validated methodology that breaks with tradition to accurately forecast target audience response and understanding across all cultures. In partnership with clients through hands-on collaboration, PhaseOne expertly melds the art and science of persuasion, bringing not only academic rigor, but also artistic sensibilities to its in-depth understanding of communications and targeted messaging for maximum impact. This PhaseOne precision guided communications process enables clients to achieve their business goals by getting their communications right the first time – and every time. More information about PhaseOne Communications is available at