Mission AdWorks Launches First National, Socially Responsible Advertising Network

SAN FRANCISCO – Mission AdWorks (www.missionadworks.com) launches as the nation’s first socially responsible advertising network. Mission AdWorks connects publishers, bloggers and other site owners who are making a positive impact on the world to marketers who are looking for an engaged audience of consumers with which to develop a deeper affinity relationship that reflects their values.

By allowing publishers to aggregate their ad space together into thematic verticals – Environmental/Green Community, Social Enterprise Community, Youth Media & Community – Mission AdWorks gives advertisers a way to reach audiences that are difficult to identify and reach in a highly targeted manner on the open marketplace.

The national marketplace model benefits all parties involved, while doing meaningful good in the world and reaching the highly motivated, action oriented, influential, yet difficult to reach, socially-responsible audience, using behavioral social values to get as close to this target consumer as possible.

Mission AdWorks has partnered with CPM Advisors (www.cpmadvisors.com), a technology company that manages, optimizes and enhances advertising campaigns for online advertisers, and Chapter Three (www.chapterthree.com), an open-source web design and development firm with an interest in social change, to harness their expertise to create a robust value proposition for both advertisers and publishers alike.

“We’ve gotten a great initial reception from partners, advertisers and publishers,” said Michael Clauss, partner in Mission Adworks. “They recognize that Mission AdWorks is differentiated by its mission of doing good, and brings significant advantages by creating highly targeted thematic verticals without sacrificing scale. Most advertisers and publishers want to be associated with doing good, while still making money.”

About Mission AdWorks:

Mission AdWorks is a social advertising marketplace that connects logical groupings of website publishers with marketers that are socially conscious and responsible. The company enables brands and advertisers to simply and efficiently reach the highly motivated, action-oriented, influential, yet difficult to reach, socially-responsible audiences, using behavioral social values to get as close to this target consumer as possible. The company’s management system offers: media delivered from its state of the art ad-serving platform; primary focus on CPM, but capacity for CPC, CPL & CPA campaigns; multiple ad formats including basic image, animation & full rich media; comprehensive reporting and technical support to help maximize campaign performance; multiple channels of niche communities. www.missionadworks.com.