Adform’s Latest Whitepaper Uncovers ‘The Five Rs of Creative Advertising’

LONDON — Adform, one of the world’s leading independent technology companies, has released The Art and Science of Digital Storytelling: The Five Rs of Creative Advertising. The whitepaper explores five overlapping precepts of creative advertising and why companies should incorporate imaginative messaging into their strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Adform’s Latest Whitepaper Uncovers ‘The Five Rs of Creative Advertising’

The whitepaper notes that technology should follow the ground rules of good advertising, highlighting the importance of the buyer’s journey and introducing ‘The Five Rs of Creative Advertising’: Real-time, Reporting, Reach, Relevance, and Reaction. Reinforced with industry research, the whitepaper outlines why brands must incorporate impactful storytelling into their campaigns, demonstrating the how, what, and why of a brand’s offering.

As global ad spend is set to climb past $630 billion in 2018, advertisers must forget common, linear storylines, creating effective campaigns by building complex story frameworks that capture the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform, with impactful messaging.

The five Rs determine how creative technologies can support advertisers – by utilising retargeting, dynamic ads, cross-device targeting, and sequential messaging – to achieve effective and impactful storytelling.

Key takeaways include:

  • Real-time data means ads can provide a more relevant experience to the individual consumer, while allowing for dynamic and measurable outcomes
  • It is the relationship between analytics, data, and creative which builds the essential story framework
  • As new mediums are integrated, such as cross device and look-a-like modelling, the vast potential for more stimulating and diverse storytelling follows
  • Ads must have an emotional hook to connect with audiences and influence actions

The whitepaper highlights the need for a product suite that facilitates the seamless interaction between user and advertiser, supporting unique and varied stories. Technology has become the mechanism, as the relationship between stories and their audience become ever more familiar and connected. Download the whitepaper here:

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