Adform Makes Bid for Industry Consolidation with Launch of Trusted Partner Program

Adform, one of the world’s leading independent advertising technology platforms, has launched its Trusted Partners Program, allowing global advertisers to consolidate and optimise their outsourced services and integration processes. The Program provides access to a curated directory of trusted partners that offer the highest quality services, solutions and products to meet each brand’s needs.

The relationship between brand, agency, and tech provider is increasingly complex – for programmatic, over 5,000 new companies were formed as the trading option established itself over the last 10 years. This initiative is based on Adform’s 17+ years of digital advertising expertise and offers advertisers a transparent, “off the shelf” curated and independent alternative to the overcrowded ecosystem – because more options doesn’t necessarily mean better choices.

The Program is launching with nine verified partners across various specialisations including audience data, verification, media and marketing automation software: ADmantX , Adsquare, Eyeota, Freewheel, Global Data Resources, Integral Ad Science, SAP, SAS and Semasio. These partners are recognised leaders within their specialised areas and provide solutions widely used by the industry. They meet rigorous standards for accuracy and use reliable methodologies to enhance campaigns for advertisers, marketers and brands. Adform will work closely with the partners to ensure the solutions respect user privacy.

“With transparency at its core, Adform’s Trusted Partners Program provides deeper integrations, higher standards of service, and strengthens our commitment to providing easy access to best-in-class digital advertising services and data. Adform acknowledges that all adtech platforms allow for integrations with almost anyone in this industry, but the way that integration is approached, as well as how the services and product are shown to the client through the user interface can vary dramatically,” said Filippo Gramigna, VP Business Development at Adform. “We remain an open platform, however this approach allows for a tailored and resource efficient approach for all partners. We will keep working to establish commonly accepted standards and advanced solutions that help raise the bar for the industry.”