Adform Launches New Cross-Device Graph

Leveraging the power of its Integrated Advertising Platform, and backed by its Odin AI, Adform brings enhanced cross-device capabilities to digital advertising

London: Adform, one of the world’s leading independent advertising technology platforms, is expanding its existing identity management, and cross-device capabilities, to deliver an enhanced offering for user targeting across various devices. The solution is fuelled by Adform‘s new Cross-Device Graph bringing impactful and unique improvements made possible through the company’s integrated advertising platform. This updated identity management layer, paired with the company’s new dedicated cross-device graph, removes the need for an external cross-device vendor.

The machine learning algorithm behind the graph maps pseudonymous data signals into a unified profile. Odin, Adform’s advanced AI, uses encrypted deterministic data from carefully selected partners for algorithm training and validation. Careful selection of machine learning algorithms and underlying data allows Adform to bring a robust Cross-Device profile to market, enabling advertisers to focus on how to reach users holistically, not just based on isolated identifiers such as cookies.

Adform Cross-Device currently identifies an average of 3.2 different devices for around 70 percent of all unique cookies, i.e. per user. The resulting profile can be used for targeted user communication in DSP trading as well as in data management or media reporting. In media buying, the use of cross-device targeting incurs an additional fee added to the base CPM. Nevertheless, advertisers effectively save money, as fewer impressions have to be purchased to attain equal or superior results. The solution ensures that frequency capping limits ads and aids in the delivery of more impactful advertising while reducing wastage.

“While the majority of online advertising is still largely based on individual cookies and mobile identifiers, conversion rates and the effectiveness of frequency capping are already lagging where cross-device measurement isn’t being leveraged,” confirms Dr. Jochen Schlosser, Chief Strategy Officer, at Adform. “The number of Internet-enabled devices per user continues to increase, and the complexity of individual ID graphs is constantly growing more complex. Adform Cross-Device is an essential tool for bringing order and plays a central role in ensuring that users are not bombarded with irrelevant ads. For advertisers, this also means reduced budget wastage and more specific messaging control”.

Adform’s enhanced identity management layer and new premium Cross-Device offering is now live in the Adform platform and available to Adform’s client base.

About Adform

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