Kowabunga! Inc. Integrates Third Party XML Feeds into ValidClick AdExchange

Initial Integration is Expected to Add Approximately 20,000 Diverse New Advertisers

CLEARWATER, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kowabunga!® (www.kowabunga.com)(AMEX:THK), a leading provider of interactive performance-based advertising networks and technology platforms, today announced that its ValidClick AdExchange™ (www.validclick.com), an open, quality controlled PPC marketplace, now accepts third party advertising XML feeds.

ValidClick AdExchange™ protects advertisers by first filtering out suspicious clicks in real time using Kowabunga’s FeedPatrol™ technology and then dynamically pricing advertiser bids when necessary, using the Fair Isaac® Corporation Click Conversion Score™. The conversion score methodology, developed by Kowabunga’s partner, Fair Isaac, leverages patented analytics technologies that adapt to each click and conversion to score publishers on their ability to convert advertisers’ leads into sales. Kowabunga!® expects the integration of third party XML feeds to further accelerate the system’s growth.

“Publishers working with ValidClick AdExchange™ will soon see an enhanced and growing advertising inventory, and most will see their revenue per click climb simultaneously,” said Kowabunga! Chief Executive Officer Stan Antonuk. “Advertisers, on the other hand, want more performance based click volume. This arrangement can deliver significantly more traffic, and our dynamic scoring model reduces risk by catching fraudulent clicks up front and matching advertisers with the best possible partners.”

ValidClick AdExchange™ expects to add a number of third party networks over the remainder of the year and will be integrating the first four third party XML feeds in the next month, with more than 20,000 new advertisers to its direct advertiser base in this first phase.

“Our technology allows us to set real-time scoring thresholds on a per feed basis to protect our ad providers,” stated Stephen Lerch, Chief Revenue Officer for Kowabunga!. “By using these thresholds, we automatically allocate ad inventory from multiple feed providers to the individual publishers best suited to run their ads. Traditionally in this industry, these sorts of decisions have only been made by after-the-fact manual intervention. Making these decisions automatically is a far more efficient process and quickly rewards advertisers with better ROI and publishers with more money for every impression.”

Publishers and advertisers interested in learning more about ValidClick AdExchange can visit www.ValidClick.com or contact Loren Wilson, ValidClick Division Director, at [email protected] or 727.324.0046.

About Kowabunga! Inc.

Think Partnership Inc. is now doing business under the name “Kowabunga! Inc.” and will seek formal shareholder approval to change its legal name to Kowabunga! Inc. later in 2008. Kowabunga Marketing Inc. will continue as a subsidiary, operating its affiliate network and related products.

Kowabunga! Inc. is the leading provider of interactive performance-based advertising networks and technology platforms. Kowabunga! provides a comprehensive and integrated set of scalable and cost-effective marketing solutions for both advertisers and publishers. These solutions increase customer retention and revenues through a diverse set of related marketing channels, including affiliate marketing, click-fraud-protected pay-per-click advertising, lead generation, interactive direct marketing, integrated offline advertising, campaign management, public relations, and branding. Kowabunga! also operates several direct-to-consumer services including online dating, online education, and home business opportunities. High-profile brands include ValidClick AdExchange™, MyAP™, PrimaryAds™, BabyToBee™, Second Bite® and MSA. For more information, visit www.kowabunga.com.

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