ADmantX Wins European Seal of e-Excellence, Platinum Category

CeBIT, Hannover, Germany

ADmantX, the next-generation semantic advertising Web service, has been awarded the European Seal of e-Excellence in the Platinum category for its contextual advertising application ( The prestigious European and global award honors ICT and digital media companies with an excellent track record in innovative marketing.

The 2012 Winners were announced today at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. Margaretha Mazura, EMF Secretary General, declared: “2012 is a special year for the Seal: It is its 10th anniversary. In the quick-changing world of ICT, this is an achievement we are proud of. The Seal is increasingly gaining recognition and becoming a major focal point not only for Europe’s most successful digital media companies, in term of products and services, but also in terms of marketing. For the first time, we have 5 winners from China among the 42 winners from altogether 18 countries. This is an important step forward towards collaboration with emerging economies that started already years ago with Indian winners, and continued last year with winners from Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Our virtual “Club of e-Excellence” shows European high-level companies paired with their global counterparts for fruitful future cooperation”.

“This award confirms the importance of innovative services to monetize online content”, said Luca Scagliarini, CEO, ADmantX. “We are proud that our leadership in this process is appreciated, and hope to bring even greater visibility to Italian technological excellence through this recognition.”

European Seal of e-Excellence
Awarded annually by EMF – The Forum of e-Excellence and its Partner Associations, the European Seal of e-Excellence is widely known for promoting companies in the digital field with innovative products and services, and excellent marketing practices to promote them.

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