eCampaignPro Releases Marketing Trends within the Real Estate Industry, Surveys Thousands

SARASOTA, Fla. – eCampaignPro, the leading provider of self-service real estate email flyers and email marketing products for real estate professionals recently released a comprehensive report of marketing trends and predictions for real estate industry professionals after surveying thousands of its past and current customers in September 2012.

“Ultimately, these results will inform our future endeavors here at eCampaignPro.”

eCampaignPro, who has been serving real estate professionals for the last decade, polled their valuable customer base to gather insight on marketing trends, past and present. The survey, conducted in the fall of 2012, asked clients about all types of marketing, online and offline, to see what forms were favored by the surveyed population. The data was then analyzed and compiled into a report outlining marketing trends based on the responses from brokers, agents, mortgage lenders and service providers to the industry including home inspectors and stagers.

“It was important for us to get a real time view of marketing trends,” says Robert Dodd, founder of XL Technologies, the parent company of eCampaignPro. “What we found is that the way we communicate is changing. Digital options are increasingly popular and real estate professionals are not afraid to try new things.”

In terms of most used marketing tools used within the last six months of the surveyed population, eCampaignPro discovered email campaigns, social media (Facebook, Twitter), promotional mailers and featured listings to be the most popular. Real estate professionals listed networking, email campaigns and online featured listings as the most effective tools for marketing while print listings and print advertising were found to be the least effective, according to the survey results.

“This report not only helps our customers learn about what works in terms of real estate marketing, but it allows us to interact with this feedback,” says Dodd. “Ultimately, these results will inform our future endeavors here at eCampaignPro.”

Real estate professionals cited new frontiers to try in 2013 including use of the social video tool, YouTube, and digital networking through Facebook and blogging.

The complete findings have been published in a comprehensive 13-page report which eCampaignPro has made available in a downloadable PDF. The report can be found on eCampaignPro’s website for real estate professionals, here.

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