Smart AdServer Optimises Its Advertisement Campaign Management and Broadcasting Tool

Launch of Smart AdServer version 2.1
Paris, June 27, 2008 – Only two months after having launched a new version of its new advertisement campaign management interface, Smart AdServer, a major role player in adserving and digital marketing in Europe, announced the implementation of its new version, Smart 2.1. It is enriched by the addition of two new innovations that will be implemented on all Smart AdServer’s clients and will enable them to enjoy improved optimisation of their advertising inventory and the development of new offers with great added value.
Smart AdServer develops and markets an advertisement campaign management tool for agencies, advertisement departments and publishers. AdServer was created in 2001 and quickly positioned itself as a major player in France and the fastest growing player on the European market.

Main Additions:
– New inventory calculation and reservation module which enables a quicker and simpler management of advertisement spaces, and a better display of the sites’ fill rate, per day or insertion. This ensures that the publisher keeps an optimal fill rate of its sites and by doing this, increases its profits. It was designed in order to fully meet the market’s expectations.
– Geo-localised and key word statistics for campaigns and sites: It analyzes precisely the turnover of a highly targeted campaign, in order to measure its effectiveness and then anticipate for future campaigns by ensuring a high click rate.

“In a market where the stakes are high, the magic words are now effectiveness, created value and differentiation: the use of geographical and keyword ultra-targeting for advertisement campaigns meet this requirement. Associated statistics which are now available are an additional step towards the use of all the capabilities of e-marketing,” declares Cyrille Geffray, General Manager of Smart AdServer.
“Highly efficient, this new inventory calculation and reservation module makes a surprisingly large number of detailed information available. It will make this tool a must, for both sales teams wanting to increase their sales and advertising space fill rate as well as technical teams. This new module is a huge advantage over the competition for Smart AdServer on the international scene.”

About Smart AdServer
Smart AdServer SAS develops and markets one of the main adserving technologies for the management of online campaigns for media agencies and publishers. Created in 2001, the company Smart AdServer has soon become a key player in France, posting the fastest growth in Europe in terms of customers compared with its competitors, thanks to the innovative and unique functionalities offered by its product, and its ease of use. Smart AdServer has more than 100 customers for 1000 sites spanning four continents.
Among its clients are large media agencies such as Zed digital, Starcom, Mindshare, Mediacom, Mediaedge:cia, Magna … as well as a large number of sites and companies, including Boursorama, Allociné, 01Net, Reed Business, Groupe Express-Expansion, NRJ Global, MSD, Wolters Kluwer…