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Social Bar from Adsterra: Revolutionary Digital Ad Format

Adsterra, a leading global advertising network, has announced the launch of a brand new, highly customizable ad format - Social Bar. Social Bar is a...

Ace Metrix Reveals Ad Results for Gillette’s “The Best Men Can Be”

Consumers Strongly Support Brand’s Message LOS ANGELES -- Ace Metrix, the leader in measuring the impact of video advertising, revealed the message in Gillette’s “The...

Adpiler’s Saving Designers 3 Hours Per Banner Ad Set – Founder Jorrit Baerends Shares...

You: Hey Client, see attached for the latest banner ad designs. Each folder is a different ad set. Client: I can’t open the files...do I...

Report Signals Tougher Standards on Harmful Gender Stereotypes in Ads

A new report, Depictions, Perceptions and Harm, published today by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) provides an evidence-based case for stronger regulation of ads that feature stereotypical...

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